Why don’t we have packaging or leaflet?

phytodoxia box

We always love to wait the order we’ve done online.

When it arrives, we open the box, remove the bubble wrap, the polystyrene, and… finally! the product in its own box. We open the inner box, we take out the product, the plastic that comes with it and when you look up… you see the amount of elements that went and how much garbage you have now!

You have a clue to why we don’t use so much packaging… but do you dare to keep reading? 👇

The balance between protection and care for the Environment

There is one point that we would like to differentiate and is that depending on the product and the sector, sometimes more or less protection will be necessary. For example, when you buy a television, it is clear that you expect the screen will be well cared for as possible due to how delicate it is. Just like a glass or ceramic product. However, sometimes we find products such as creams, handbags, cutlery or sufficiently rigid products that carry excessive protection.

As a consumer this last point does not matter to us, the more protection the better. Do not? Perhaps yes, but from an ecological point of view that premise is terrible.

If we value your internet order and add it to all the annual orders in the world… Do you know how many cardboard boxes are used? The number was calculated by the Fiber Box Association, and is around 38 billion boxes. In numerical value, 38,000,000,000 boxes! And that’s just boxes. The inner box of the product is not counted, nor the bubble wrap, nor the polystyrene if it has it, nor the paper of the instructions. Only outer boxes.

Many brands have chosen to use recycled cardboard to ship their products, but let’s face it, it’s not enough to stop deforestation. The best stopping point is easy: no cardboard, or use the minimum.

From Phyodoxia, it is a duty, a moral obligation on our part, to reduce the shipment of unnecessary cardboard as much as possible to put a little weight on the other side of the scale. We have calculated that it is only necessary to send an outer packaging to protect the product and nothing else. Neither inner packaging, neither the leaflet.

Some customers are unhappy, but we prefer to stay true to our values.

Using technology to be greener

Of course, the current technology allows us to take advantage to try to be as ecological as possible. That is why, from Phytodoxia, we have introduced a QR code with the leaflet of our products in the screen-printed design of the products. So the advantages are:

1. The leaflet is never stained or lost.
2. You always have it available and it is close to the product.
3. You can read and take full advantage of your mobile to search for the specific part you want.
4. We save on paper and we are respectful with the environment.

Below we leave you the leaflets of our products, in case you want to take a look.

And remember, every action counts.

Physio Gel QR

Physio Gel

PhytoLegs Gel

PhytoBody QR

PhytoBody Lotion

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