PhytoBody Lotion 500 ml for Body, Face and Hands

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Formulated with Echinacea, Phytodoxia moisturizing body milk combines the virtues of sweet almond oil, Rosehip and Rosemary to hydrate the skin of the whole family. Its fluid texture quickly penetrates without greasy effect and leaves a feeling of well-being and freshness. The skin regains comfort and flexibility. It is sweet and subtly scented. Dermatologically tested.

Echinacea is a potent phytoactive that can help us have healthy, well-groomed and naturally protected skin.

Echinacea Hydrolate, oil extract of Echinacea in sweet almond oil and sunflower oil rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Moisturizing body care with anti-dryness, firming, moisturizing and nourishing effect. For atopic and dry sensitive skin. It keeps the skin soft and supple, and protects it from drying out.

Natural quality. Our product only contains top quality and safe raw materials. For your health, always look at the composition of a product. Phytodoxia products never contain harmful additives. Without parabens, without sulfates, without microplastics, etc.

Pharmacy code PZN: 18027399


Properties of echinacea. Acne treatments: Due to its anti-infective and anti-inflammatory properties, preparations with echinacea extract are an effective treatment for acne and its prevention.

Anti-aging treatments: With reepithelializing and regenerating properties of echinacea extract. This makes it one of the essential phytoactive if we want to visibly improve the overall appearance of the skin and stimulate the creation of new cells in the skin.

The combination of sweet almond oil, rich in vitamins and essential fatty acids, and sunflower oil, rich in vitamin E to fight aging.

Rosehip oil with firming and anti-stretch mark properties.

Rosemary revitalizes the skin and acts against cellulite. It is suitable as a moisturizer for almost all skin types, softer and more elastic skin.

Pharmacy code PZN: 18027399

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2 reviews for PhytoBody Lotion 500 ml for Body, Face and Hands

  1. Cinthya Snishssy

    yayyy I like so much this gel for body, where i live there’s so much sun and i prefer something more than the tipical sunscreen…smells pretty god btw.

  2. Cristhian De Aro

    I usually suffer from Acné and helps me a lot. Recommended.

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