Physio Gel 75ml

physio gel 75 small

The most reduced version of one of the best phytotherapeutic gels in the world.

Composed with Arnica and Harpagofito.

Ideal for occasional trainings and for home use.

Physio Gel 200ml

Physio Gel 200 Frontal Julio

The most popular format.

This gel is the perfect format for high-performance athletes and families of up to 4 people.

Ideal format for daily use.

Physio Gel 500ml


The most economical format

Recommended for physiotherapy clinics and sports centers.

Calm your muscles pain naturally!

Relaxing gel
Professional use

PhytoLegs Gel 200ML

PhytoLegs Gel Frontal julio

Fast-acting gel for tired legs.

A unique and effective composition that will instantly relax and relieve fatigue and discomfort.

Specialized in improving the circulation of the legs.

PhytoBody Lotion 500ML

PhytoBody Lotion principal

Body cream (Body Lotion) specialized in moisturizing the skin.

A regenerating and healing composition thanks to selected medicinal plants.

Especially recommended for dry skin, acne, stretch marks and imperfections.

Apply PhytoBody Lotion
PhytoBody useful against acne