Phytodoxia natural cosmetic of plants

About Phytodoxia

In Phytodoxia we make natural cosmetics with extracts and active principles of medicinal plants of high quality for the well-being and health of your skin.

We are in a favorable climate for the cultivation of medicinal plants. With a tradition of ancient knowledge developed in the field of phytotherapy.

We cultivate the echinacea purpurea and the hypericum perforatum that make up, as main ingredients, the formulations of our cosmetic products. We search and select the best ingredients for our products.

We have a professional team to guarantee the safety and efficiency of the products that we put at your disposal.


We develop and produce natural preparations based on active principles of medicinal plants. We cultivate the medicinal plants, which we will use in our formulations, in a natural and environmentally friendly way.


We want to provide our customers with quality products in the natural cosmetics sector.


At Phytodoxia we are concerned about life, therefore, we are committed to promoting and spreading knowledge and education for respect for living beings, as well as human rights and animal rights.

We want to contribute to the preservation and knowledge of the environment, the promotion of health and the support of healthy living habits.