Ingredients for the best Natural Anti-inflammatory Cream

We present the ingredients that the best natural anti-inflammatory cream must have, the application of these plants have been used separately, wisely for centuries throughout history.

Below we explain the selection of the best plants that make the best natural solution to relieve muscle and joint pain, and that you have available in our online store.

Ingredients to prepare the best natural anti-inflammatory in a traditional way
Devil's claw extract, the main ingredient of the natural anti-inflammatory

Devil's Claw

Its terrifying name does not do justice to our plant ally, because its properties make it the most capable natural alternative to deal with chemical anti-inflammatories.

Therefore, it provides our natural gel with the best treatment to combat pain and inflammation from rheumatic problems, sports injuries, and other inflammatory processes.

Arnica, ingredients of the best natural anti-inflammatory cream or gel


Popular in many cultures, as its flavonoid components provide it with the ability to be a powerful natural pain reliever.

Providing the ability to quickly relieve pain caused by blows, tears, sprains, arthritis, bruises or swelling.

Calendula natural extract, disinfects and collaborates with the best natural anti-inflammatory


It adds the property of being antiseptic, improving its healing capacity.

If you have injured yourself, these properties help your immune system to disinfect the area and allow the area to heal faster.

Natural extract of St. John's wort, is one of the main ingredients to make the best natural anti-inflammatory.

St. John's wort

A plant with double function:

Traditionally used as a healing agent that reinforces the skin’s healing capacity by having antibacterial properties.

In addition to being rich in tannins, which reduces inflammatory processes, and therefore collaborates with the anti-inflammatory effect of the cream.

This ingredient is photosensitive. It is advisable to avoid exposure to the sun, or use with sun protection after absorption of the gel.

Now that you know the ingredients of the best natural anti-inflammatory for your muscles.
Would you like to try it in gel format?
With the advantage that it does not stain clothes

We have several formats for you to choose the one that best suits you.

músculo sano con ingredientes del mejor gel antiinflamatorio natural
Gel Physio 500

Gel Physio 500

For families or professional use

Gel Physio 200

Gel Physio 200

For frequent personal use.

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