Floral water of St John’s wort and echinacea 200 ml spray

In Phytodoxia we have developed an original product based on floral water from St. John’s wort with echinacea and essences. The formulation is composed of hypericum hydrolate, echinacea hydrolate and essences of lavender, mint and lemon.

Floral water or hydrolate

The hydrolate or commonly known as floral water is obtained from the distillation of the plant and the flower for the extraction of the essential oil.

In other words, in the same process the essential oil and the hydrolate are obtained.

When obtained by steam drag it contains the properties that an infusion has with a small percentage of hydrosoluble molecules of the essential oil.

Due to its characteristics, the hydrolate is very appreciated in cosmetics and is used as much as floral water as an ingredient in a cosmetic formulation.

Properties of floral water

Depending on the properties of the distilled plant or the mixture of different hydrolates. It can be said that there are some common properties such as having a PH suitable for all skin types.

Hydrolates provide hydration, vitality and well-being to the skin.

Fundamentally they have the same properties as essential oils, contain traces of these, in addition to trace elements and other active ingredients of the plant soluble in water.

Uses of floral water

It is recommended, mainly, its use as a hair, facial or body tonic. Although it can also be used as a facial cleanser, in masks or mixed with massage oil.

Hair tonic

Cleans, nourishes and balances the blood circulation of the scalp, gently massage. Moisturizes hair and revitalizes it, it is more how to apply with vaporizer.

Facial tonic

Relaxes the skin and hydrates it, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Cleans skin impurities Apply at any time, although it is usually used in the morning and at night.

Body tonic

Use after the shower to moisturize and revitalize the skin, you can also apply massage gently improving circulation and producing a relaxing effect.

Hydrolates can also be used by pregnant women and children.

Water of St. John’s wort and echinacea with essences of Phytodoxia

In Phytodoxia we bet on original and innovative products, so when developing this formulation we get the synergy of its ingredients, such as St. John’s wort and Echinacea, to contribute their active ingredients to the care and well-being of your skin.

And together with the essences of lavender, mint and lemon give as a result a special cosmetic product for skin and hair.